Achieve Healthy Weight Loss on a Diet

By Clare Jamison

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Healthy weight loss, Lose weight now—Alan Cleaver (

We are constantly hearing about how people need to lose weight in a healthy way, but what exactly is considered healthy weight loss?

Weight loss is a topic that interests a lot of people these days. I have heard a couple of different answers from doctors, nutritionists and personal trainers, so I am not really sure what to believe.

I have always felt that if you are following a diet and exercise routine where you are taking in at least 1,400 to 1,600 calories per day and exercising for at least 30 to 60 minutes a day, regardless of how much weight you lose you are probably pretty healthy.

Not everyone feels this way, though. Some diet plans are absolutely strict about the weight loss food you are supposed to eat.

I had a doctor tell me that healthy weight loss is considered to be one to two pounds a week. He said that anything more than that is not really conducive to permanent weight loss. He said that dieting should adopted slowly and exercise should be done in moderation.

I took what he said to heart, and when I lost 70 pounds about 10 years ago, I did not lose more than two pounds a week, and if I saw myself starting to go over that amount, I would slow down on the workouts and dieting. Listening to my body was essential for my own healthy diet plan.

I gained about 50 of it back when I started a job where I was pretty sedentary and knew that I would have to take it back off again. Fortunately, even though the job was pretty sedentary, I was able to hire a personal trainer who informed me that I could lose as much as one percent of my body weight each week and that would be fine.

I was in the high 200’s at this point, so I knew that I could start out with about 2.75 pounds per week and would be fine. I was, and I have never had any health issues because of that.

On the other hand, the contestants on the popular reality show The Biggest Loser can lose 10 to 15 pounds per week and often do so.

It has to be healthy weight loss, otherwise the trainers on the show would say so, but one thing the show makes sure to emphasize is the fact that the contestants are under constant medical supervision and go through recovery periods after each workout, where they are iced down, receive massages and so forth to reduce any sort of trauma done to their bodies.

So what is considered healthy weight loss? I guess it just depends on who you ask. I would say that keeping it to a three or four pounds maximum each week would be acceptable, but somebody else might tell you to shoot for a lower amount.

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