Healthy Dog Biscuits

By Reid Terranova

Did you know that the majority of dogs that are overweight are in their condition because of the dog biscuits they eat? While there are certainly many reasons why dogs can pack on a few extra pounds, dog biscuits can be the culprit behind dog weight gain. You may have a lean dog and worry about overall health and want to avoid obesity too.

Whatever the case, you want to see what you can find for healthy dog biscuits. That way you can indulge them once in a while without worrying that their treats are going to shorten their lives.

Dog biscuits are a common way that owners use positive reinforcements to show a dog that they are pleased with their behavior. This is far more effective than swatting at them if they misbehave or locking them up in a kennel when they should otherwise be free in the home.

As with children, dogs respond better to and learn better from the positive reinforcements, so do not think that you have to give up this type of treat when training or rewarding your dog. You just want to be on the look out for healthy dog biscuits.

There is a movement among dog owners to buy healthier dog food. When you are choosing food for your family, you probably read the labels pretty well to make sure you are putting things into their bodies that are healthy. You should do the same for your dog.

If you are reading the ingredients and you do not know what half of the things are on the list, you may want to get something better. You should do the same when you are looking for healthy dog biscuits. Read the ingredients first so you are sure they are the best out there.

Grains are important to dogs, so when you get healthy dog biscuits you want to see that there are some whole grains. They should not be the main ingredient though. As with dog food, you want to see meats listed at least to some degree, and you want them to be whole meats.

You want to see the most natural looking list of ingredients on the package that you would see on your bag of dog food. Fillers are simply empty calories that your dog does not need, and could be things that are detrimental to their health.

Remember that no matter what healthy dog biscuits you get for your pet, do not overdo it when you are giving them out to your pooch. You want to limit them to just a few a day or at just one if they are larger biscuits. They will get some chewing enjoyment out of them, but too many are a bad idea.

Instead, get them rawhide bones that they can gnaw on to their hearts content. Both are good for their teeth and a good raw hide will last your pooch quite a long time. That in addition to a good biscuit or two a day should be all the extra they need.

Healthy Dog Food For Cheap

By Bliss Blaire

Are you an enthusiastic dog owner? If you are one, you must remember how it was when they first were growing up and you had to provide them with full healthy meals every day. As small as they are, those little guys could really eat. And healthy dog food doesn’t come cheap. So what do you do to keep your pets healthy and still keep from burning a hole in your budget?

It can be quite difficult to compare and judge competing brands of dog food. Go to the pet section of any store and there are actually dozens of brands. Most people just throw in the towel and buy whatever has the best-looking packaging.

You could either check with your friends to see what their experience has been finding healthy dog food in the store aisles. Or else, you could check the Internet out for reviews of healthy dog food. Whole Dog Journal is one of the trusted ones.

The thing about some of the cheaper brands is that while you might think you’re getting away with spending less, your dog just won’t be happy until he has as much nutrition as he wants. He is just going to keep asking for more. You don’t really end up saving that much.

Since it’s quite difficult to really judge store-bought dog food for nutrition and quality, some people just switch to homemade dog food. But providing a well-rounded homemade diet that your pet needs may be a challenge.

There are all kinds of scientifically-prepared healthy dog food recipes you’ll find on the Internet to make at home for your dog.  And it can take quite a lot of practice to know what to include and what not to. For instance, you’re never to include fruits like grapes and cherries, vegetables like onions and garlic or certain nuts feeding your dog. Look sources up on the Internet to determine what the best recipes are, and go with them. Your dog will be much healthier for it.

Healthy Pet Food Gone Too Far?

By Reid Terranova

America is quickly abandoning its traditional 20 pound bag of healthy pet food ordered from the pet store in favor of something a teeny bit more special. Want proof? Here are just some of the choices being dished out to our beloved pets…Roast beef, sushi, meat pie made of pheasant, raspberry compote and strawberry and mango yogurt.

Have you ever set foot in a place called the Global Pet Expo? Well, this place is the doggie equivalent of Disneyland. Take your pet here and prepare to believe how far the pet food industry will go trying to help you spoil your dog rotten when there is $55 billion involved. You probably don’t get to eat as well as they wish to feed your dog here.

But you mustn’t think that high-priced healthy pet food is as far as the American pet industry is willing to go. You have the option of treating your pet at a pet psychiatrist’s, buying your pet a full fashion wardrobe every season, getting mouth freshener sprays to help keep your dog’s teeth and mouth healthy.

Thanks to a company called Neuricles, you even get fake testicles that make your neutered dog look whole again. And while no parent would be willing to do something like this to their child, the pet industry calls pet owners, “parents”.

The thing is, pet owners, or pet parents, rather, aren’t usually very rich people that they would go to such extremes to pamper their pets. Quite often, they are lower middle class too and they struggle to make their car payments and their student loan payments like everyone else.

They just cut into things they would buy for themselves and for their children to be able to pamper their pets like this. There are people who live on welfare who dote on their pets so much, they do without medicines themselves to be able to get blueberry pills for their pet (because, you know, the pills have antioxidants).

If you’ve been looking for an industry to invest in that could prove to be truly recession-resistant, the pet industry has to be your investment mecca. Certainly, during the recession, people did give up their pets at shelters when they could no longer afford them. And since home ownership went down, people no longer bought new pets as much as they did.

But the pet industry did clearly go up during the recession – which is more than you can say for most industries. Did you ever wonder about how celebrities always go and put their name to a perfume and clothing line? That’s so 20th century now. Celebrities have their own pet food  lines these days.

Healthy pet food brands like Blue Buffalo have been flying off the shelves lately even if they cost four dollars a pound. Royal Canin costs about twice that. And these companies have seen their stocks soaring. Is your dog really better off for all this attention though? Well, that would be a completely different question. Pet owners do believe it.


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