The Right Healthy Eating Attitude

By Clare Jamison

Above all else, healthy eating requires the right attitude. Sure, preparation is part of it and so is determination, but really there’s no substitute for attitude. For some, that might mean a new perspective.

People into healthy diets either go to too great an extreme or don’t do enough. Everyone is so freaked out about the idea of unhealthy foods that either they ignore it completely or panic over it.

The truth is that you don’t have to do either. Eating healthy foods in general and treats in moderation is good enough. You want to create a diet that you can live with day in and day out for years.

You can have treats now and then, but a treat shouldn’t be a whole meal. Health eating means that, if for example you are having desert, you should have a small ones.

The rest of your meal should be as healthy or even more healthy than usual. If you’re going to have a fatty main course, you should eat well for the rest of the day. Basically, only having one treated at a time and treats only once or twice a week is the best way to keep a healthy diet up.

One of the most overlooked aspects of healthy eating is community. Eating healthy is a significant lifestyle choice. It isn’t simply a matter of making and eating meals. It requires you to keep your resolution on a daily basis, and sometimes that requires the right community.

If you can get your housemates, family members, or friends to commit to healthy eating with you, you’ll have a much better chance of success. After all, eating is a social activity in our society. If you are constantly surrounded by people who eat junk food, it will be difficult or impossible for you to keep your healthy eating habits going.

Above all the most important thing to remember when you eat healthy is to keep your mind focused. You will screw up once in awhile. You will give in to temptation when you shouldn’t, or will fail to adequately plan your meals ahead of time and have to get some kind of junk on the road. Persevere. Just because you messed up once doesn’t mean you should give up altogether!


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